Umrah Packing List

Assalam Alaikum.

As you embark on your sacred Umrah journey, we aim to alleviate any concerns related to planning and packing. This list has been thoughtfully curated to help you concentrate on dhikr and ibadah without worrying about finding the nearest super market. It draws inspiration from my personal Umrah experience, as well as insights from friends and clients. Please note that these are merely recommendations from Zasha World Travel, and there is no obligation to purchase any of these items.

Travel Essentials

  • Passports and Visas

  • Proof of Covid Vaccination (card or photo on the phone)

  • Money: You can exchange your money at the airport upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, at local banks, or at money exchangers in Makkah and Madinah

  • Debit/Credit Cards: Recommended to take the cards with no foreign transaction fees

  • Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Copies of Passports, Visas, Flight tickets

  • Non-Medical Face Masks: Highly recommended to wear in the airports, flights and crowded areas. Face Masks

Use a good travel passport bag to conveniently carry all the important documents. Here are some recommendations. Passport Holder , Money Belt , Small Sling Bag


  • Hard-Shell and big suitcases are increasingly becoming difficult to fit in taxis, trains and buses. ZWT recommends the following for your check-in luggage. Wheeled Rolling Duffel Bag , 25-Inch Soft Shell Suitcase OR Expandable Duffle Bag

  • Many airlines are asking passengers to check-in their 21-Inch carry on suitcases. This is not possible when you pack Ihrams and essentials in the carry on luggage.  ZWT highly recommends using backpacks or small duffle bags for carry on. Wheeled backpack , Small Duffle bag , Duffle with shoe compartment (to store shoes after changing into Ihram). Keep some ziploc bags in different sizes.

  • Backpack Or Tote Bags for flights. Light Backpack , Big Tote Bag Pack Ihrams, waist belts, accessories, and sandals in carry on. 

  • Backpack Or Sling bag to carry cash, footwear and phones into the masjid Lightweight Backpack , Sling Bag

  • Extra Lightweight Foldable Duffle bag to pack extra stuff on your return journey.

  • Keep one copy of all your passports and visas in a check-in bag and one copy in a carry on bag. You can also scan and save them to your phones.

  • Keep one plastic bag, the size of a grocery bag in each backpack or sling bag to carry your shoes and other footwear. Keep some extra in other bags.

  • Keep one big trash bag in each of the check-in bags to separate any dirty laundry from the clean one. 

  • Take a light weight water bottle for each person not only to use during travel but also to fill up with zamzam water when you are in the haram. Water Bottles .

  • Luggage Tags. Simple Tags  for every piece of luggage.

  • Digital Luggage Scale

  • Travel Neck Pillow. Neck Pillow 1 , Neck Pillow 2

Prayer Essentials to pack in Carry On bags


Clothing & Accessories

Toiletries / Hygiene

  • You must use fragrance-free toiletries to get into Ihram for your fist Umrah OR other Umrahs if you are planning to do multiple. Set 1 , Shampoo + Body Wash , Lotion , Deodorant . You can also pack in Travel Bottles and keep the sets in carry on luggage.

  • Wet wipes, hand sanitizers and tissue packs. Please pack one each in the carry on bags. Wet wipes, Tissues, hand sanitizer

  • Women need small scissors to cut their hair after Umrah. Pack them in your check-in bag and remember to put them in your sling bag or purse when you go to the haram for Umrah. Small Scissors , Set


  • Do not forget to pack your prescription medications and vitamins in your carry on luggage. ZWT recommends the following over the counter medication to pack. Pain killer and fever reducer like Ibuprofen, cold and flu medication,  Sore throat lozenges , Cough and throat drops . You also need to pack some antacid and anti diarrhea medication. If you are traveling with children, pack a small first aid kit ,


  • Some of the must need items to pack for your trip are Universal Power Adapter , Portable Charger Power Bank for cell phones.

  • Phone Plans and Saudi Sim Card. Check with your cell phone service provider about adding a temporary international plan. I bought a 10 day unlimited talk, text and data and set it to start on my departure day. It worked just fine. Some people take old phones with them and get a new SIM in Jeddah airport. That's an option too.

Other useful items 

  • Keep a permanent marker in your purse/bag to write your name on zamzam water cans when you check in for your return flight. So many cans arrive at the same time, you won't have to check the tag if your name is clearly visible on the can.

  • Keeping a small notebook and a pen in the purse is useful.

  • pack some disposable plates, spoons and paper towels in your check-in bags to eat take out food in the hotel rooms. 

  • Pack a small dishwashing liquid dispenser, and some laundry detergent powder in the check-in bags.

  • Keep some individually wrapped snacks for kids and yourself in the sling bags and carry on bags. 

If this list helped you, please send a note of appreciation. If there is anything, that must be added to the list before or after your Umrah, please let us know by sending a message.